How to reach The Chalet

The Chalet is reachable thanks to the pick-up service done with an equipped track. The parking is external and it is located at the starting point of the trail that reaches the Chalet. In winter it is available a car covering cloth.

During the summer season the Chalet is easily reachable by car. Chalet Charm is 200 meters about the level of the town and can be reached with a short walk of about 5 minutes on the illuminated path.

Near the car parking there is the bus stop. In a few minutes you can reach the city center and the ski slopes. All bus rides are free of charge here in Livigno. The city center is also reaching through a bike trail or cross country ski trail.

How to reach Livigno

From Milan

Train from Milan to Tirano and bus connection from Tirano to Livigno (changing in Bormio). Connection available all year long

Train info –> Ferrovie dello Stato

Bus info –> Autobus Perego Tirano

From Tirano

Train of the Rhaetian Railway that connects Tirano with Diavolezza. Bus connection to Livigno. Connection valid only in summer

Train Info –> Rhätische Bahn

Bus Info –> Autoservizi Silvestri

From Northern Europe

Train to Zernez (CH) and bus or taxi to Livigno. Connection available all year long.

Train Info –> Rhätische Bahn

Bus Info –> Autoservizi Silvestri or PostAuto Schweiz

By Plane

Distance from the main airports:

  • Innsbruck (A) –> 180 km
  • Milan/Bergamo Orio al Serio –> 196 km
  • Friedrichshafen (D) –> 211 km
  • Zürich (CH) –> 218 km
  • Milan Linate –> 222 km
  • Milan Malpensa –> 250 km
  • Verona –> 288 km
  • München (D) –> 309 km

Service transfers by bus to/from the main airports and destinations in the Alps like Orio al Serio, Malpensa, Innsbruck and others

Info and Reservations: –>

Taxi Services

Taxi is probably the fastest and most convenient service to get around Livigno both day and night

Here some useful phone numbers for taxi service in Livigno:

  • Livigno Taxi: +39 349 717 9743
  • Taxi Express: +39 0342 997400
  • Teo Taxi Livigno: +39 346 225 3745