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Once a typical Baita, now a marvellous Chalet, and the same magic

Chalet Charm is just one of those places that tastes of beauty and harmony. Grandfather Galli started this story back in 1949, and what we now call Chalet Charm was a Baita a typical house in Livigno used during the summer season, the period of the pasture, and its function was to house, to store hay and to give shelter to animals.

In 2016, the Baita has gone under a lively renovation and we welcomed Chalet Charm! Our philosophy is simple: we express our love for nature in a concrete way. For this reason, we have used eco-friendly materials for building Chalet Charm, which were found directly where we live and dating back to 1949.

The "Baita" has kept all the original features and has been modernized over time. We believe that living in such a beautiful place is a privilege, and that it is up to us to do everything possible to preserve its extraordinary qualities.

The authentic beauty of Chalet Charm comes from the union between the fascinating ancient wood and stone, and the fine and delicate modernity. The mix of these elements evokes an amazing result.

Our vision

We believe that, in each of us, there is the desire to feel pampered and free of thoughts. Therefore, we offer value, warmth and emotions, the feeling of home at Chalet Charm, in the heart of the Alps.

Our team

Hospitality is a way of being that goes beyond services and proposals. We believe that the wealth of Chalet Charm is found in people: we do our best every day to guarantee our guests a quality offer, made up of hospitality, warmth and kindness. Our team is a real asset!

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Livigno Skipass Free

Livigno Skipass Free

Book a stay directly for 7 nights and we'll give you the ski pass for free!

Chalet Charm Livigno
Chalet Charm Livigno

Exclusive in all senses

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Chalet Charm is a special location, to be experienced in the company of the beloved ones and without giving up privacy. It can be booked exclusively as an entire facility with the possibility of closing the two floors of the Chalet when desired, to have a greater intimacy.

Chalet Charm Livigno

Where we are

How to reach the Chalet

In summer, you can easily reach the accommodation facility by car. In winter, however, you can use the car we provide just for you or use your own car, at your discretion.

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