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Environment, atmosphere and wellness

Chalet Charm is an enchanted place, where magic comes from small things: sounds, scents, environments.

Livigno and the charm of a stunning natural landscape to be experienced at Chalet Charm. Our relaxation area will offer many moments of pleasure. Resting in the relaxation area of Chalet Charm after getting back from a beautiful day on the skis or after an afternoon of hiking in the woods will be the only thing you’ll want to do. Let’s start with the sauna: do you know all the benefits it provides? It will make you relax, excrete toxins and detox your body, as well as improve body circulation and strengthen your immune system.

You can then complete your own personal path with a nice hot bath in the hot tub. Can you imagine that moment?

There are more surprises. We have a completely unique proposal: you can use, upon request, the hot water bath located outside the Chalet. A bath under the stars, surrounded by the silence of nature. This is pure wellness: this is Chalet Charm.

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Livigno Skipass Free

Livigno Skipass Free

Book a stay directly for 7 nights and we'll give you the ski pass for free!

Chalet Charm Livigno
Chalet Charm Livigno

Exclusive in all senses

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Chalet Charm is a special location, to be experienced in the company of the beloved ones and without giving up privacy. It can be booked exclusively as an entire facility with the possibility of closing the two floors of the Chalet when desired, to have a greater intimacy.

Chalet Charm Livigno

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How to reach the Chalet

In summer, you can easily reach the accommodation facility by car. In winter, however, you can use the car we provide just for you or use your own car, at your discretion.

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